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Right Way Heating & Cooling offers the best HVAC air conditioner and heat pump installation in Reynoldsburg, Columbus, Heath, and all of Central Ohio. Our air conditioner installation experts are continually trained on the newest technology and will always ensure you receive the perfectly sized heating system to efficiently consume energy and keep your home warm when it’s hot outside. If you are in need of an air conditioner replacement or if you need a new cooling unit professionally installed inside a new home, contact the experts at Right Way Heating and Cooling.

In addition to new installations, we also offer full-service A/C repair,

Right Way Heating and Cooling installs new air conditioner and heat pump systems.


Our staff of highly trained technicians receives continual training on the latest load calculations and technical requirements for all major makes and models of air conditioning systems.  In 2022 Right Way Heating and Cooling was awarded with the the Best Heat Pump Contractors in Columbus from Expertise.Com.  

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Having a warranty is very important when you have a new air conditioner or cooling system installed. If something were to happen to your system over the course of the life span you want to make sure you are covered as a homeowner. When you have a new HVAC system installed the system is registered with the manufacturer of the system and the manufacturer will cover the system typically for 10 years (if it is registered). A lot of heating and cooling companies only warranty their labor for 1 year, and after that you have to pay the labor fees. At Right Way Heating and Cooling we decided early on that we would stand by our installation and match the manufacturer warranty. For example if the manufacturer was going to cover 10 years parts we would cover labor for 10 years as well. As a company we want to make sure you are covered.

Communication is key.

One of our key skills is COMMUNICATION. Before arriving at your home, you will receive an email with a picture and bio of your technician. We make a commitment to explain every service we recommend in plain language, so you don’t have to worry if you’re getting the right product or service for you.

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Why Choose Right Way Heating and Cooling?

At Right Way Heating and Cooling, we’re more than just an HVAC company – we’re your partners in crafting the perfect indoor climate for your home. Here’s why we should be your first choice for air conditioning installation:

With a team of seasoned technicians, we bring a wealth of expertise to each project. Whether you require a brand-new AC system or an upgrade to your existing one, we’ve honed the knowledge and skills to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Tailored Cooling Solutions for Your Unique Home

Every home is exceptional, as are its cooling requirements. We don’t advocate a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experts will evaluate your space, attentively listen to your preferences, and design a bespoke air conditioning system that harmonizes seamlessly with your lifestyle and budget.

Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions

Enjoy year-round comfort while slashing your energy bills. We specialize in the latest energy-efficient cooling systems that not only maintain your home’s comfort but also reduce your environmental footprint.

Top-Quality Products from Reputable Brands

We’ve partnered with renowned manufacturers to provide you with the finest air conditioning units available. With options from trusted brands, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is built to endure.


Transparent Pricing and Flexible Financing

Bid farewell to hidden fees and unexpected expenses. We believe in transparent pricing and offer flexible financing options, making your air conditioning installation hassle-free and affordable.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Your contentment is our top priority. We stand firmly behind our work and offer comprehensive warranties on our installations. When you choose Right Way Heating and Cooling, you’re not merely acquiring a new AC system – you’re acquiring peace of mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Your New AC System!

We know how important staying cool is during those hot summer months! That why we want you to know exactly how your new air conditioning system works, the Right Way!

What Should I Do To Keep My AC Lasting Longer?

For optimal performance and longevity of your new air conditioning system, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some general guidelines for scheduling maintenance:

  1. Annual Professional Inspection: It’s typically recommended to have a professional HVAC technician inspect and service your air conditioning system at least once a year, preferably before the start of the cooling season. This inspection can identify any potential issues and ensure that the system is operating efficiently.

  2. Change Air Filters Regularly: One of the simplest and most important maintenance tasks is to regularly replace the air filters in your air conditioning system. Depending on the type of filter and your usage, filters should be replaced every 1 to 3 months. Clogged or dirty filters can restrict airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency.

  3. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean: Regularly inspect the outdoor unit (condenser) of your air conditioning system and remove any debris, such as leaves, dirt, or grass clippings, that may have accumulated around it. Ensure that the area around the unit is clear to allow for proper airflow.

  4. Monitor Thermostat Settings: Check and adjust your thermostat settings as needed to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without overworking the air conditioning system.

  5. Inspect and Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils: Over time, the evaporator and condenser coils can accumulate dirt and debris, reducing the system’s efficiency. These coils should be inspected and cleaned as part of routine maintenance by a professional technician.

  6. Check Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can indicate a leak or other issues with the system. A qualified technician should check refrigerant levels and address any leaks or deficiencies.

  7. Inspect Electrical Components: Regularly inspect electrical connections, wiring, and components of the air conditioning system to ensure they are secure and functioning properly.

  8. Consider a Maintenance Plan: Some HVAC companies offer maintenance plans or service agreements that provide regular inspections and maintenance for your air conditioning system. These plans can help ensure that your system receives proper care and attention on a scheduled basis.

By following these maintenance guidelines and scheduling regular professional inspections, you can help ensure that your new air conditioning system operates efficiently and effectively for years to come.

How Does My New Air Conditioning System Work?

Your new air conditioning (AC) unit works by removing heat and humidity from the air inside a building, resulting in cooler and more comfortable indoor temperatures. Here’s a simplified explanation of how an AC unit operates:

  1. Evaporation of Refrigerant: The process begins with a refrigerant, a chemical compound with properties that allow it to change states at relatively low temperatures. The refrigerant is first in a liquid state.

  2. Compression: The refrigerant is compressed by a compressor within the AC unit. As it’s compressed, its temperature and pressure increase.

  3. Condensation: The hot, high-pressure refrigerant gas moves to the condenser coils located outside the building. Here, it releases heat to the outdoor air and condenses into a high-pressure liquid.

  4. Expansion Valve: The high-pressure liquid refrigerant passes through an expansion valve or metering device, which reduces its pressure and causes it to rapidly expand.

  5. Evaporation and Cooling: As the refrigerant rapidly expands, it enters the evaporator coils inside the building. This expansion causes it to evaporate into a low-pressure gas. During this phase change, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, cooling it down in the process.

  6. Air Circulation: A blower fan inside the AC unit pulls warm indoor air across the evaporator coils, where it loses heat to the refrigerant. The now-cooled air is then blown back into the building, reducing the indoor temperature and humidity.

  7. Cycle Continuation: The refrigerant cycles back to the compressor to restart the process. This continuous cycle maintains a comfortable indoor temperature by removing heat and humidity from the air.

In summary, an air conditioning unit works through the principles of thermodynamics, utilizing the properties of refrigerant to transfer heat from inside a building to the outside environment, thus cooling the indoor air.